New Early Adopters, Since 1993




The Otaku Patrol Group at NATPE in Las Vegas, 1996

In February of 1993, Desmond Crisis and a few close friends found that they all shared an uncommon passion for technology.

opg_passengersWhat was different about the group is that each one took that level of passion in a different direction.

Some were programmers and some were hardware designers. Others were musicians or radio station and nightclub DJs.


The group soon realized that by pooling those resources together we could share some extraordinary experiences. This turned out to be true.


Now, more than 20 years later, we tap into that original, adventurous spirit bring you a look at technology and the way we use it with the voice that only the Otaku Patrol Group can provide.


We hope that enjoy our stories but also choose to join us and become part of the new journey.


There are many new stories to be told.47_777