Tiny Radio: Ahuago 470 / Felida / Helida / NKtech NK-M1


Tiny M2 radio is the size of a plastic cigarette lighter

It’s the size of a Bic lighter.

At what point do these radios become too small?  We think we have found it in this latest tiny radio.

Like many in the category, this radio goes by a handful of different names, depending on the source. The first one I noticed was the AHUAGO 470 on 409shop, but a few others have popped up on Ebay. This is the NKTECH M1. Read More

eBay item not as described.


Remote Wrap

I ordered a radio and they sent this.

A note about my buying experience with the tiny M2 radio. I shopped for this radio on eBay and ordered from two different sources at the same time. One of them sent me something very different than what I’d ordered. Read More

Imperial Comlink

Here’s an interesting piece that I found in the Star Wars Launch Bay at Disneyland. A real, working Imperial Comlink, just like the Stormtrooper officers use! It attaches to your phone’s bluetooth Read More

German (Backwoods) Engineering at work

The first thing I love about this is his enthusiasm and pure spirit.

Our new favorite YouTuber.

Video: Refuelling the Peanut Lighter

The Maratac Peanut Ligter

The Maratac Peanut Ligter

I just realized that it’s been about a year or two since I’ve used the lighter that I carry in my daily bag. The Maratac Peanut Lighter is a pretty tough unit, but it looks like the lighter fluid in there needs to be topped-up. Read More

WLN KD-C1: The Programmable Toy Radio

IMG_20160826_105116The OPG has always been about usable tech.  For communications gear, this means a combination of portability and flexibility with a little bit of style thrown in for flavor.

Small radios are always appealing because you can hang them on your leather jacket. The Problem has been that most small radios lacking features to be useful. Manufacturers generally produce only easily sellable, marketable toys. (FRS/Family Radio Service radios.) Read More

Radios: The iRadio CP-168

IMG_20160816_134700I have a weakness for exotic, tiny radios. Usually because they’re inexpensive and unusual.  The iRadio CP-168 definitely fits the description.

This radio is approximately the size of a speaker microphone from other radios but still boasts a 2 W transmitter power. One feature that sets this apart from the usual entries in the Baofeng 666/777/888 or other small radios is the 128 channel memory capacity.
One thing about this radio that catches the eye and tingles my geek nerve is the hidden display. Read More