Video: Refuelling the Peanut Lighter

The Maratac Peanut Ligter

The Maratac Peanut Ligter

I just realized that it’s been about a year or two since I’ve used the lighter that I carry in my daily bag. The Maratac Peanut Lighter is a pretty tough unit, but it looks like the lighter fluid in there needs to be topped-up.

Time to refuel the Peanut Lighter…

These come in a variety of sizes, metals, and colors at

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  1. Awesome reminder! I keep my fluid near my keys and wallet so I remember often to refuel the zippo. I do the refilling near a sink to wash off the fluid from my hands before lighting and also as a safety in case the entire lighter gets engulfed (happens…). During a recent 6-day power outage I was keeping m lighter very busy: wood stoves, lamp oil lights, candles, and kerosene heaters. Best use to date was using my lighter to unfreeze an outdoor master padlock key hole. I keep spare lighters, flint, wicks, and fluid around just for post-earthquake bartering.