QR20 radio from Radioddity

QR20: Is This Radio Ready?

Like most of you, I’ve been watching and waiting for the QR20 / Q900 / HS2 radio to come out. The promise is a portable radio that will do HF, VHF and UHF at 20 watts, in all… Read More

Working Star Trek Communicator Badge

Playing around with my Onyx, I decided that there was something I had to do.

Imperial Comlink

Here’s an interesting piece that I found in the Star Wars Launch Bay at Disneyland. A real, working Imperial Comlink, just like the Stormtrooper officers use! It attaches to your phone’s bluetooth

German (Backwoods) Engineering at work

The first thing I love about this is his enthusiasm and pure spirit. Our new favorite YouTuber.

Video: Refuelling the Peanut Lighter

I just realized that it’s been about a year or two since I’ve used the lighter that I carry in my daily bag. The Maratac Peanut Lighter is a pretty tough unit, but it looks like the lighter fluid in… Read More